Click here to download our complete September Program Calendar to see the featured programs listed below:

Worldwide Day of Play, Saturday, September 20

$5/person admission!

Enjoy bridge-building & tower-building from 10am-1pm.

Speech & Language Screenings, Monday, September 22, 9-11am

These private screenings, led by a speech-language pathologist, take 10 minutes per child and determine if a child’s speech is appropriate for his/her age or if a more in-depth assessment is needed. Children ages 18 months to 6 years are invited to participate. Speech and language screenings are especially beneficial for children during their preschool years because many speech and language delays and disorders can be resolved prior to kindergarten if they are identified early. Registration is required.  Contact Christine Simonson, to reserve a time.  Space is limited.

Things that Go Day, Tuesday, September 23, 10am-1pm

Create your own floating mini parachute and rubber band helicopter, race cars down PVC pipe and launch fast-moving marbles down pool noodle tracks!


Simply Circle, Monday, September 29, 11-11:30am

A community based circle-time program, led by a speech-language pathologist, that offers age-appropriate and language-based songs and activities for children ages 2-5 of ALL ability levels. Children will participate in activities that target early learning skills (turn taking, attending in a group, following a picture schedule), early literacy skills (identifying their name in print, labeling letters) and social language skills (making choices, initiating requests, collaborating with peers). Accommodations will be made to include all children and their unique needs and abilities.  Registration required for the 4-week series [September 29 and October 13, 20 & 27]: $32/member-child, $40/nonmember-child.  Register here. 


R- Registration Required
$- Additional cost for program. Program fees are subject to applicable N.C. State Sales and Use Tax

Free Parking:  Free Parking is available at the Children’s Museum. We do share our parking lots with neighboring businesses so please make sure to park in spots designated as Children’s Museum.

Program Cancellation and Inclement Weather Policy